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Building a business is like climbing a mountain.  It is fun, exciting, beautiful, breathtaking and fulfills many goals you have had – possibly for years.  But just like climbing a mountain, there can be hazards.  Climbers often lose their way, wander from the path, and encounter obstacles they just don’t know how to conquer.  Nobody has ever climbed Mount Everest by themselves.  It takes a team of people, often Sherpas, with knowledge, experience, and the ability to lend a hand and problem solve when complications present themselves. 

At Cathedral Capital we understand all the challenges you face trying to grow your business.  That is why we like to become part of the team that helps you achieve your goals.  Just think of us as your Financial Sherpas. A team of CFOs and Profitability Strategists who help attorneys with fast-growing firms across the country turn their companies into profitable, thriving businesses so the owner can create the life they want.


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