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You might like the way your firm is running and that is wonderful news! However, sometimes we find that firms we work with are not utilizing all the technology they could be to keep operations running smoothly. Or maybe a firm needs help with financial clean-up, or just needs someone to evaluate the state of the books and then provide a report detailing action steps. In this service you can work with a CFO as much or as little as you need.

Essential CFO

Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to take a hard look at four areas of every firm that cost owners money: The ROI of Marketing, Employee Profitability, Profitable Pricing, and of course, Budgeting (though we call it Profit Planning). Through quarterly workshops, group accountability calls, and quarterly one-on-one CFO calls, create a profitable base on which to grow.

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Complete CFO

Are you stuck in the weeds billing clients and managing employees while worrying that you aren’t keeping a close enough eye on your financials? Or even worse, are you concerned that even when you do look at them, you’re not sure what to look for? The Complete CFO de-mystifies your financials and helps you manage the growth you want.

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Partner CFO

When it comes to financial reporting, you need a true teammate to help keep your business’s revenue growth on track and profits increasing so you can concentrate on the strategy to grow your business. With the Complete CFO program, your CFO has a standing weekly call with your team and manages your financial providers to free you up to do what you do best.

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Jump Start Day

Do you want to assess your business and set priorities, but not ready to work with a CFO monthly? Jump Start Days allow you access to a CFO for a full day to design a clear plan for a specific project or the next month, quarter or year. We help tackle the problem that is causing the most friction, be it marketing, sales, value delivery, your employees, facilities, financials or your professional and personal vision - and design a plan to take your firm to the next level.

Benchmarks & Bottom Lines

B&BL is a private business growth forum that meets four times a year for maximum of four law firms. It is designed for firms who are ready to grow – fast. Using our proprietary model, we establish benchmarks for all areas of your business, find out where you are now, then determine which single “number” needs to change to bring you the highest profit. We then spend the next 4 hours building a plan to help you do that. Over the next 3 months, your CFO helps you implement the plan while Accountability Calls keep you on track.

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